thiz is my little corner of hell mwehehe.
work in the most of progress, at all times, forever.


sup, fucknuts!

i'm syxri, i'm an insane transsexual fag. idk. also i'm twenty years old. (fun!)

my main interests (like everyone else) change, but heres the ones that have consistently stuck:

  • jhonen vasquez. i fucking love this dude. and all his work.
  • goth stuff!! i am a fiend. particularly industrial goth. :3
  • computers! i've been on the computer my whole damn life. absolute favorite piece of technology. even over my phone.
  • music. straight up sickly sweet addiction.
  • web design. obviously. why else would i make this?
  • characters. i've kept up a whole ass universe since I was fucking eleven for this interest. damn. (and had chars even longer than that.)
  • uncanny valley. no need for an explanation.
  • gore and death. it's just interesting to me honestly. (i absolutely do not plan to post anything for this interest on here beyond talking abt it - so dw abt stumbling across any here)

anyways... basically i'm a dude and i go by he/it/sev! so thats cool.

(note: i haven't actively gone by sev pronouns since 2021 LOL but i still like em as like. decoration idk so they're still on the neocities. yeehaw)

that's,,,, all i got for now so uhm meow meow i guess.

obligatory pronoun explanation (from 2020):

  • like i mentioned, my pronouns include sev/sevself
  • (sev/sev/sevs/sevs/sevself)
  • so heres how u would use them (with he/him for reference)
  • sev (he) went to the park
  • i went to the park with sev (him)
  • and sev (he) brought sevs (his) frisbee
  • at least i think it was sevs (his)
  • by the end of the day, sev (he) started throwing the frisbee to sevself. (himself)