thiz is my little corner of hell mwehehe.
work in the most of progress, at all times, forever.

this site is hosted on neocities! you can view my profile here.

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Sup! This place is my endless labyrinth of thingz,,,, It is, as my description states, an absolute work of progress. However I invite you to look around, as I have made quite a lot in the past couple years i've been on thiz corner of the world wide web. mwehehe.

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update no. 30: edited journal disclaimer

update no. 29: quick assorted fixes (mostly to letters not appearing correctly) for character bios

update no. 28: added rss feeds to the journal and writing pages. and also edited journal

update no. 27: new blinkies !!!! at some point ill make a graphicks page. also -> nabbed a local copy of a couple site buttons and updated my buttons, since the actual sites are gone :(

update no. 26: added topster postings in the music shrine. if you don't feel like finding it, it's here.

update no. 25: fixed and updated about, as well as the webamp.

update no. 24: added more text options to the entrance page.

update no. 23: back after months of absence. updated my show reviews

update no. 22: the main pages work on mobile now. FUCK YEA

update no. 21: added writings :)

update no. 20: changed the journal entry page.

update no. 19: FINISHED THE JTHM SHRINE !!! also a few minor tweaks like adding a new song to winamp, adding the imood, blah blah

update no. 18: WE HAVE A NEW LAYOUT!!! also a winamp, which is nice

update no. 17: updated the site buttons page and added a film reviews page :)

update no. 16: added the beginnings of the music shrine.

update no.15: i finally made a couple site buttons !!! also theres a site buttons page now

update no.14: added more info to ideas page.

update no.13: properly fixed sidebar issues. -_- apparently i forgot to set a width for my content.

update no.12: fixed sidebar issues.

update no.11: added likes/dislikes page and changed sidebar.

update no.10: changed header! also site button coming soon mwhehehe.

update no.9: characters here! they look a little different than my usual stuff bc they were made in i think 2019? anyway don't take them or the faceclaim stuff too seriously <3

update no.8: new background! made by me hehe.

update no.7: waffled and updated some info.

update no.6: new shrine !! its tara the android from I Feel Fantastic. love her sm

update no.5: homepage revamped and did html for a new shrine page

update no.4: back after a year omg. need to take out the manson shrine now WHOOPS. revamping da homepage too

update no.3: the manson shrine is done !! well except for the Spooky Kids part, but ah well.

update no.2: halfway done with the mm shrine!! fuck yes

(real) update no.1: finished all my main links. this page still needs something interesting, but ah well. i'm gonna work on the shrines!