Johnny The Homicidal Maniac (JTHM for short) is a comic book written by Jhonen Vasquez following the adventures of one wacky homicidal maniac. It was published from 1995-1997 and is Jhonen's first published work. :D


Nny was first created while Jhonen was in high school, and was featured as a character in the comic strips he made for the school newspaper. The version of the character was much different though - namely being that Nny was a kid. Happy Noodle Boy was also created around this time - though to get his girlfriend to stop asking him to draw her comics. XP

Jhonen would eventually end up creating the comic of JTHM after submitting samples of his art to the comic publisher Slave Labor Graphics :D


The first four comics are mostly a mix of Nny dicking around and killing people and him meeting (and then trying to kill) Devi. The fifth comic introduces a very unfortunate problem (caused by Nny not "keeping the wall wet" that leads to Nny "dying"! The six comic is about his wacky adventures in Heaven and Hell. XP Nny gets sent back by the final comic, and this one mostly concludes everything. It also contains one of my favorite of the satire characters, Jimmy! (Mmy for short).
Every issue is interlaced with filler strips featuring other characters in between. These filler strips are completely unrelated to the main plot at all, but are fun as fuck to read. The main ones are Happy Noodle Boy (a comic that is canonically drawn by Nny), Wobbly-Headed Bob (read for yourself, he's great), "Meanwhile...", Public Service Announcment (one is a teen mom eating her baby!), and the True Tales of Human Drama!

(aka NNY)

height: 5'9

weight: 115lbs (more with change in pockets)

stars, the emotionless function of insects, watching people getting abducted by aliens, Cherry FizWiz, Cherry Brain Freezies, all kinds of movies, the moon, little chubby babies, Pop Rocks and Soda, drawing Happy Noodle Boy

humidity, sleep, the physical and mental need for ANYTHING to be abducted by aliens, people who've "GOTTA HAVE A SMOKE!", certain words, losing his mind, Satan's attitude, getting shot in the head, drawing Happy Noodle Boy

not much is known about Johnny's history. All we know is that his parents were killed by an evil man, thus setting the course for NNY's life as a masked crime fighter. Or, perhaps not. At present, NNY is more his own enemy than any external mind could be, what with the decomposure of what may have been, at one time, a fine, intelligent mind. Johnny is, possibly, more hideously mentally malformed than the people he seems to think have ruined his world. He's not a loser, he's simply lost.

(A.K.A: the one that got away)

height: 5'9

weight: 120lbs (more with all the bottles of mace she carries now)

films by Terry Gilliam and Mike Leigh, stars, ghost stories, painting, driving with the stereo on loud, reading, meeting guys who aren't criminally insane

people writing like Lovecraft who aren't Lovecraft, not liking girls enough to give up on guys (jhonen this is a lie she is bi), shitty dates (literally), people who think they know ANYTHING about religion, being attacked with really sharp things.

When Devi's not attempting another doomed social outing, she paints, or just reads anything that does not try to re-create reality. Her childhood was reality enough to suit her. Her history with men is not the best, but did not reach a frightening low until she went out with Johnny C. Before that, they had pleasant conversations, about anything in particular, at the bookstore she works at. His attempt on her life did not strike her as very romantic.

(aka SQUEE!)

height: small...

weight: baby (more with his teddy bear, Shmee)

Squee is a young boy (about 6 or 7) and is the neighbor of NNY. He is extremely neglected by his parents - his father wishes he was never born and his mother takes a ton of pills to the point she doesn't remember he exists. Squee is an easily frightened child - which is where he got his nickname. Nny seems to be the only caring adult in his life, and the only friend he has is the antichrist himself, Pepito.

(A.K.A: Tess)

height: 5'4"

weight: 115 lbs ( doesn't like her butt )

Steven Soderbergh movies, live music, watching boyfriends get ripped apart and becoming ex-boyfriends, how she looks in glasses, lizards

having the universe disappear around you, the thought of TRYING to fit in, frequent moments of weakness, poor judge of character, knowing all the previous dislikes firsthand

Tess's family moved around a lot, making it difficult to make friends with people. Even now, that she's fairly stable, as far as living somewhere goes, she still has that feeling of having to have friends around and quickly, which usually results in keeping not the best of company. The idea of having someone around was far more appealing than being alone. Tess is a little lost when not seeing herself in the context of others, but knows this is a problem. She's being working on it, and can now go two full days without needing to call one of her shitty friends.

(A.K.A: Mr. Satan)

height: roughly 9 ft (more with the horns)

weight: bones

the dude who rules hell. has a christian wife who (until Squee!) doesn't know he's Satan. is also the father of the antichrist, Pepito. overall cool guy, except for the one time he took the form of a cheerleader (ugh!)