only fictional ones bc the irl ones do real harm. except me. im hot and sexy

also the only thing im manipulating is my cat into taking meds but shhh

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tyler durden

fight club; 4.5
entp 8w7
tyler durden my beloved. i really like the way he absolutely fucking personifies a lot of toxic masculinity and the ways in which it fucks with men. also the fact that he started a fucking cult while preaching about anarcho-primitivism. OH and he has the best fashion choices out of any of these dudes. minus half a star simply for being a misogynist LMFAO

patrick bateman

american psycho; 3.5
entj 3w4
american psycho is definitely one of those things you read (and watch, to an extent) that you walk away going "man that dude was fucked up". i mean, besides the obvious racism, sexism, homophobia, basically every ism/phobia ever (including antisemitism in the book), the dude PUT A RAT IN A GIRLS PUSSY. rip to the rat. anyway, i do relate to (film) bateman a bit as he has the combo of lust for the Old Ultra-violence and also failing at every social interaction ever. the dude is so awkward a lot of the time that its hilarious. minus one and a half stars because like. dude, cool it with the antisemitic remarks!

travis bickle

taxi driver; 2.5
istp 4w5
i'm going to be honest. i did not like taxi driver. however, as a idolized male, travis definitely belongs here. anyway, i do have to give him credit for being absolutely fucking wack the entire time. also the fact that he looks like Half Of The Men In The Industrial Scene in the last half(?) of the movie, particularly when he goes to shoot the politician, is so fucking hilarious. two and a half stars off for racism, sexism, and taking a girl to a porno movie on a first date (fucking wackass).

rick sanchez

rick and morty; 5
entp 7w8
ME IRL!!!! okay im way more socially awkward but we're both xntps and we have the same ennegram flipped. <3 i fucking love the fact he's a shitty, abusive asshole and yet... he's not a bigot. at all. (well ok he does say the r word but 1. it was 2014 2. he's autistic so pass given.) he is the biggest source of representation in this list as well as just having a lot of representation for a mainstream cartoon character! he's autistic, pansexual and hispanic <3 this image of him specifically is from the season 4 finale where he was told he wasn't a threat and he got so fucking pissed off. hilarious and mood. minus zero stars because he's mega based.
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arthur fleck

joker; 4
infp 4w3
arthur is one of those who is definitely only here for fanbase reasons (and idek if that's true, or if people just made it up because of dark knight joker). i relate to him a lot as his mental illnesses make it hard for him to Be A Person. also crawling into the fridge bc Bad Feelings and smashing your head against things sealed it for me (just nd tingz <3). he gets a star off solely because unlike everyone else here, he's not actually a manipulator, just mentally ill.


the dark knight; 4.5
entp 7w8
this mf is crazy !! based joker moment. i like this dude because he feels genuinely dangerous. minus half star solely because he personally isn't as appealling to me as some of these others lmfaooo

walter white

breaking bad; 3
intj 5w6
"say my name. heisenberg. you're goddamn right." i honestly don't like walter white as a person and once the hyperfix wore off i stopped watching breaking bad... but i do admit that he does portray a man's descent into madness really well. minus two stars for pissing me off. at least unlike travis, he isn't (afaik) racist so thats cool!