any bands with a * are controversial (usually for Genuinely Problematic reasons, but not always) and are explained at the end of the post.

disclaimer: the music listed here should (obviously) not be taken as inherent support of its creators, merely an enjoyment of the work in question. i provide explanations of controversy so you can make informed decisions on whether or not to listen.

July 2022

albums (left to right) controversies:

and one - trump supporter (despite being fucking german), became a far right conspiracy theorist. revealed most recently when he posted support for trump on his band page and then subsequently claimed he was "hacked". he fucking SUCKS but frontfeuer is nostalgic so i just pirate what i can. (source)

laibach - slovenian band that looks fascist on first glance (particularly in their older theming) - but are not. a lot of their shtick is taking fascism and overdoing it in order to reflect the ways in which totalitarianism is omnipresent in society and goverment - as well as other related elements of fascism. as part of this they have rarely stepped out of character publically - only saying of their position "We are fascists as much as Hitler was a painter." Despite this, it's clear from their work that they are against fascism - especially with albums such as Volk. in addition, the author of Nationalistin henkinen horisontti stated that "Laibach member Ivan "Jani" Novak told him in March 2015 that Laibach is a communist group and most of Laibach's work is connected to communism" (source)