Tara was a singing android built by the John Bergeron in 2004 and was discontinued in 2006. Her clips were sold on Bergeron's website. He actuallly intended her to be a superstar!! On April 15, 2009, the infamous video "I Feel Fantastic" was posted by Creepyblog. This video unfortunately never credited Bergeron. :( Theories of Tara's creator actually being a serial killer popped up. This theory suggests Tara wears the clothes of one of his victims and that the woods in the video is actually the spot of the dead body.

This was incorrect of course. Tara was simply a singing robot. She was ableit a little primitive, but that was expectable given it was 2006 and John did have a ton of money to make her. She cost in total 2000 dollars. According to John, "some folks think that it's creepy, but I think it's just a little spooky." <3

Her full music videos. It's honestly not as creepy as the "I Feel Fantastic" video that got so famous, especially with the context of the other songs.