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the ache

he said: shut your mouth girl, the angels are listening...

[post-contamination/rot, angel's thoughts on mysti's current state.]

characters: angel, mysti

warnings: nothing really aside from dark thoughts

tags: angel goes slightly insane, ramblings, was a freewrite

date: 2.6.2023


contamination, from mysti's pov.

[also known as mysti pretends they do not still experience emotion on occasion.]

characters: angel, mysti

warnings: gore ofc mwehehe

tags: mysti is a bastard, channeling patrick bateman in this one

date: 8.16.2022


in which one breaks up with a bastard.

[short story written to explore the older selves of a couple characters.]

characters: angel, mysti

warnings: really mild description of gore lol

tags: male manipulator character, mysti is a bastard, syxri the author is a fucking edgelord

date: 1.8.2022

divyne [excerpt]

expierence of the static overwhelm - this so-called void of divine creation.

[aka i channel sensory overload into the expierence of being stalked by a being you can only feel. also an excerpt from a book im writing!]

characters: mysti, grimm, emily

warnings: none

tags: this is a first draft btw, stalker shit, divyne excerpts

date: 7.18.2021


pov: you accidentally murdered your closest friend :D

[aka angel thinks he killed mysti. whoops]

characters: angel, mysti, grimm (minor)

warnings: its old so the ending sux. :) also quite a lot of violence talk

tags: bit ooc since its like... 2 years old, rip to mysti, insane male moment

date: 10.1.2019